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Buying a puppy

The Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club do not operate a puppy for sale service, however the following is advice we send out when we receive enquiries regarding purchasing a “Frenchie” puppy, hopefully you will find it useful. 

If you are thinking of buying a French Bulldog puppy, we would suggest talking to as many breeders as you can in order that you obtain all the information needed before you commit yourself to owning a “Frenchie”.

Why not come along to one of our club shows, full details are available on our website where there will be many breeders who will be pleased to chat to you and advise about Frenchies. Just make yourself known at the Secretary's table and we will ensure that a committee member steers you in the right direction and also introduces you to some of our members who you will find are very friendly and helpful  

Another ideal opportunity to meet and chat with Frenchie owners and breeders is on the French Bulldog stand at Discover Dogs. The show is held in March at Crufts full details can be found at

The Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club do not operate a puppy for sale service, however The Kennel Club operate an Assured Breeder Scheme which encourages the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies. Details of breeders that are members of this scheme are listed by county and the site also contains advice on buying a puppy, you can find this on their website Find a puppy | The Kennel Club Please be aware that on the Kennel Clubs Puppies for sale page that not all the breeders are members of the Assured Breeders Scheme and you should double check this. Also be aware that some puppies do not comply with the breed standard e.g. CNR (colour not recognised). For extra assurance, a number of breeders have been inspected by a representative of the scheme and this is clearly shown on the listings

Have you considered rescuing or rehoming a Frenchie, The French Bulldog Welfare Trust, is an independent organisation and exists to help French Bulldogs in need of care and protection because of sickness, maltreatment or poor circumstances.  It is a registered charity which is run entirely by volunteers.  It is a Registered Charity. They may have a Frenchie that needs a new home and suit your needs.   For full details please check their website

Whatever you decide we would strongly recommend that before purchasing any puppy that you visit the breeder to see the mother in her home surroundings and do not be offended as a good breeder will ask as many questions about you as you will of them. Never buy a puppy without visiting the breeder, some disreputable breeders will offer to meet at a motorway services. We would also advise potential purchasers to be extra vigilant when purchasing through websites where a number of adverts appear offering non-recognised colours.

If possible buy a puppy from parents that have been health tested and hold the French Bulldog Health Scheme 'Bronze' and preferably 'Silver' or ‘Gold’ Certificate. The puppy should also have been checked by a vet and have had its first vaccination before you buy it. Ask to see the documentation.

The Blue Cross have issued advice on buying Brachycephalic dog breeds such as French Bulldogs which makes very interesting reading for anyone thinking of buying their first frenchie

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